About Us

The Louisiana Parole Project, Inc. is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides representation and case management to indigent candidates for parole release, with a primary focus on individuals who were originally sentenced to life without parole for crimes committed when they were younger than 18 years of age.

We are committed to public safety and to the welfare of our communities.  LPP is dedicated to smart reintegration of returning citizens and ending mass incarceration due to the unnecessary costs to taxpayers.

We assist our clients by promoting opportunities for rehabilitation; preparing a plan of action tailored for each client, presenting the plan to the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Committee on Parole, and executing the plan post-release; and providing Reentry support through individualized case management. LPP works in conjunction with corrections officials to provide our clients with prospects for growth and training.

LPP also assists policymakers and advocates with recommendations for criminal justice and parole procedure reforms.

Why LPP?

Louisiana Parole Project was created to address a host of complex issues born out of the two recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings affecting juvenile lifers. There must be an external process addressing the many issues confronting these offenders, as well as the communities where these offenders will return.

While we would be far from the first reentry focused group in this area, we are seeking to be the tailored solution for a foreseeable problem: a parole process that is not easy to navigate and a large contingent of individuals previously ineligible for consideration, coupled with public safety concerns and the need for good policy.

Our organization would work in collaboration with agencies such as D.O.C. and Probation & Parole, community organizations and other reentry groups. A spirit of cooperation is necessary to promote our shared objectives.  Nonetheless, a concentrated effort on behalf of transitioning juvenile lifers is a necessity to our group and should be a priority for our communities.

LPP Long-Term Outlook: Create Model Reentry Program

LPP will be a long-term endeavor.  Although there will be an initial significant number of juvenile lifers eligible for parole, there will always be a steady number becoming eligible over the coming years.  Our clients who are paroled will be on parole supervision for the remainder of their lives. As it relates to the issue of juvenile lifers, our work will never be done.

Nonetheless, an enduring objective for LPP will be to create the model start-to-finish Reentry program in Louisiana that could be expanded beyond juvenile lifers.  Our organization would like to be the conduit that provides offenders deemed suitable for parole release a blueprint and mechanism for long-term success. As the Department of Corrections and the Louisiana Committee on Parole have moved toward a comprehensive revamp of their risk assessment instrument (from LARNA to TIGER), we believe our formula will be consistent with the best practice policies corrections officials are moving toward.